The World Is Wide Enough

So I went to Hamilton last week. As expected, it was everything I wanted, and more. It added years to my life. My stress acne vanished. I think I’m ten pounds lighter now.

This is, quite honestly, one of the few things that adds fuel to the “Greatest City in the World” argument: Broadway. Broadway shows are something special. And, since I live here, I get to walk to go see them! (And then, after curtain call, it only takes me 40 minutes to get home — another bonus.)

Being me, I tend to go to Broadway shows alone. (Being an introvert who has no patience for late or indecisive people has its [dis]advantages at times.) Which means that I usually end up sitting between two well-meaning, well-to-do older couples. And they usually ignore me and talk to each other, leaving me free to look around the space at my leisure.


Me silently crying about the beautiful set

In the case of last Wednesday, after I was done silently crying about the beautiful set (maybe that’s why the couples didn’t talk to me that time — oops), I began to look around the room for anyone recognizable. I’ve randomly encountered friends at A View From the Bridge and Sylvia, so now I try to be proactive about it.

Instead of a friend, I spotted an Actor. I wasn’t 100% sure at first, as I was about ten rows behind him. I creepily googled his wife on my phone to check, and, yep, that was the blonde gal right next to him. This was now officially a Situation. I knew him. I was in a room with Will Ferrell.

Here’s the cool thing about New York City: for the most part, when there’s a famous actor in the room, everyone keeps their cool. There’s no pointing, no declarations of awe; everyone’s calm and collected about it. (Or, in my case, there’s an effort to pretend to be outwardly calm and collected about it.) Actors wander around New York all the time; it’s old hat for us.

This city is a place where pedestrians don’t make eye contact. Travelers do not talk on the train. “Don’t bother me, and I won’t bother you” is the main, unspoken rule.

Conversely, a few years ago in Lincoln, Nebraska, Matt Damon was spotted on UNL’s campus, and the student body freaked out. I watched my Twitter and Facebook feeds blow up with selfies and excited exclamations of, “HE’S HERE HE’S HERE MATT DAMON IS HERE.” Nebraskan newspapers wrote articles about it. It was Big News.

Here in New York, actors are given the relatively unique opportunity to have their private lives. They can get coffee, go for walks, go to Broadway shows — without being accosted. Just like us. 

….That all being said, if I ever encounter Daveed Diggs on the street, I’m accosting him, because good god, can that man RAP!


Thanks for reading,



If you happen to be reading this, Will Ferrell, I’d like to personally thank you for Anchorman, Elf, Megamind, and Blades of Glory. Hope you were as satisfied with Hamilton as I was.

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