Party in the UK (A Play in Three Acts)

I spent the past two weeks gallivanting across Ireland and parts of the UK. I sipped cider in a pub as a musical duo played traditional Irish tunes in the background. I heard Big Ben announce the early hour as I walked along the Thames. I ate meat pies, haggis, and bangers & mash in equal measure. I stood barefoot in a loch. I took buses out to the Cliffs of Moher, down to the Wicklow Mountains, and up to Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway. I marveled at the sheer variety Scottish kilts, and music, and scotch. I hugged a castle at one point.

And now, having safely landed back in New York, I have no idea where to begin with the telling.

So I’m going to write not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR POSTS about this trip.

The first post will consist of travel tips for this section of the world, including:
What I brought/What I should have brought/What should have been left at home
How to navigate each of the three major cities I visited
What’s up with the currency
How bus tours work
Pros/Cons of traveling with companions
Recommendations for food, hostels, activities, etc.

The remaining three posts will be about the three major cities I visited: Dublin, London, and Edinburgh. I will be telling stories about my experiences in each place.

That all being said and promised, I’m going to actually go start writing those posts now. Stay tuned.

And thanks for reading,


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