New York: Here’s What I Miss

Hi, everyone. How are you? I just got back from a long, complicated work trip, so I haven’t been as vigilant with this blog as I should have been.

But we’re back now. Let’s do this.

I was sitting at a park in Lincoln, NE the other day — my hometown — contemplating life, as one does on one’s lunch break. I kept flip-flopping between pondering the major life decisions I’ve made over the past few weeks, and wondering why on earth Lincoln’s only major music scene is Jazz. (Not even Country? Electronica? What on earth, Lincoln?)

Anyway, in terms of major life decisions, one thing I do know is that I do not regret leaving New York City. It was time. I had my fun, but it was time for something new.

That being said, I’m feeling the urge to list out the things I DO particularly miss about NYC, beyond friends/family/roommates (because those are a given, of course — human connections are so important). I don’t miss the noise, the smell, the rental prices, or the overall stress of living in the City that Never Sleeps…but that’s not the whole picture.

So here is WHAT I MISS:

These little shops are convenience at its finest. Ran out of soap? Go to the bodega less than a block away (instead of taking a 40-min trip to the closest Target.) Need a certain spice? Go to the bodega. Dying for some ice cream because you just got done working two consecutive work shifts and the subway was late and everything is incomprehensible and agonizing and good god don’t talk to me? Go to the bodega. Get Ben & Jerry’s. While in your pajamas, because it’s 10 pm on a Wednesday and you’ve slightly lost control of your life. But who cares? The bodega people certainly don’t mind.

The subway
I just got done with a work week that involved driving clear across the state of Washington and back again (seriously, I drove from Portland, OR, to Rathdrum, ID, and then swung by Seattle, WA before going back to Portland for my flight out). So basically I never want to see the inside of a car again. Or at least not be responsible for said car. Driving is a highly stressful activity for someone who hasn’t driven a vehicle in at least two years. I’m used to walking to the closest subway station, sitting in a subway car, and being taken where I needed to go…or at least somewhat close to where I needed to go.

Central Park
It’s a big, beautiful park full of intriguing people — what’s not to miss? There’s something for everyone there. I personally preferred the northern end of the park, where it gets a little wilder. There’s a section just north of Bethesda Terrace that turns into a natural forest, full of winding paths to explore.

Numerous food options
One night I met some friends down at a Lower East Side bar. I had a couple of drinks with them, and then my late-night stomach decided that it wanted a crepe. So I walked about six blocks to the closest creperie and got one that was smothered in Nutella. Mission accomplished.
Another day I went and got breakfast at Peter Pan Donuts, then met a friend at a meatball speciality restaurant nearby.
And on yet another day I ate lunch with coworkers at Habana Outpost (a Cuban restaurant) and later had delicious pizza from Houdini Kitchen Laboratory.
New York, I miss your food options.

That’s all for now. Time to go get a coffee at 2:30 pm in the afternoon, like a New Yorker would do.

Thanks for reading,



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