Hello, State Capitol Building

It’s the first day of autumn, but Nebraska has yet to receive the memo. Here in Lincoln, the air remains thick and humid, clinging to everyone like an uncomfortable second skin.

It therefore follows that my life responsibilities would place me outside for a majority of the day.

One of my errands brought me alongside Lincoln’s state capitol, the 400-ft tall, limestone building proudly standing within Lincoln’s downtown area. It is, in a word, intimidating.


Welcome to Lincoln, Nebraska, y’all

Having grown up in Lincoln, I’m used to seeing the capitol on a consistent basis, but even with that sense of familiarity, it never fails to impress me. The building’s exterior was cleaned within the last few years (can’t quite remember when), so now it practically gleams in the sunshine.


The stairs on the south side

I didn’t have time to do it today, but pretty soon I’m planning on going inside to see what’s changed in there. I’m sure the rotunda is just as beautiful as ever. And the library. And the courtyards…

For now, though, I proceeded to walk over to the Centennial Mall, which is located on the capitol’s south side. The Mall’s gone through several changes throughout my life in Lincoln. Back when there wasn’t a drought to worry about, the Mall was filled with fountains. Now, one brand-new fountain keeps the capitol company, while the rest of the area contains paved walkways and tall, wild Nebraskan grasses.


The Mall, facing northward

The Mall stretches all the way to the southern edge of University-Nebraska Lincoln’s campus. One day soon, I’ll pay my alma mater a visit as well.

Today, however, the lingering summer heat got the better of me, and I high-tailed it back to my car as quickly as I could. Of course, climbing into the car was akin to wrapping a hot, wet blanket around my body, but I persevered.


Here’s hoping that summer’s grasping fingers will soon let go of us all.

Thanks for reading,



Despite the lack of shade, you’ve gotta love that sky

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