A Small Nebraskan Lake

I found a lake during my morning run yesterday.


Just turned a corner and suddenly, there it was

Most Nebraskan lakes I’ve encountered are swimmable, despite their color. I’ve had to explain to both east and west-coasters that our lakes tend to run in the “brown” category. They aren’t clear; I have yet to see the bottom of a Nebraskan lake.

Personally, the murky water kinda creeps me out, but it seems that both the wildlife and nearby residents don’t mind it. A couple of south Lincoln residents were playing kickball in a nearby backyard. There was a flock of geese relaxing in a patch of shade, keeping an eye on me. Due to the temperamental nature of waterfowl, I waited until I was on the opposite side of the lake to take more photos.


I stay over 30 ft away from a flock of geese because I am BRAVE

Despite the fact that I was hot as hell at this point, common sense dictated that I keep my hands out of the water until I was certain it was okay. Good thing I hesitated; later on, I saw signs warning about the snapping turtles.

A snapping turtle snagged one of my grandpa’s fishing lines once and it was so large that he ended up cutting the line entirely. Like with geese, sometimes avoidance and a healthy level of respect is the best method.


*waves at the hidden turtles*

It felt good to run around this lake, though. It was a familiar exercise; I used to do laps around Oak Lake, up in northern Lincoln. And, actually, I’m only two miles away from Holmes Lake — maybe I’ll run there next?

Thanks for reading,


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