Chilly, colorful, WONDERFUL October is finally here: my favorite month. On Oct. 1st, I dramatically heaved my closet door open and broke out all of my jeans, sweaters, beanies…and I have enough plaid long-sleeves to last an entire week (yes, I counted them.) Let the pumpkin spice lattes flow. Bring on the apple crisp. All hail windy days!

As I walked to work this morning, dry leaves whispered as they slid along the concrete in hesitant twos-and-threes — most of their brethren remain in the trees for now, but that will change. During my first year in New York, I had sought out the biggest leaf piles at Central Park; this year, I can’t wait to build my own pile right here in my backyard.


Central Park sets a high bar, but I’m all about breaking expectations

I’ll have to wait for the right kind of day, though, because in Nebraska, shifting to the fall season means rain. Lots and lots of rain. It’s raining right now, in fact.

Aaaaand am I going to go dance in the rain, right now? YOU BETCHA.

Happy fall, everyone.

And thanks for reading,


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