Ziplining on Hunter Mountain

Before Sleepy Hollow, we went ziplining down Hunter Mountain.


Deep into the Catskills…

When we got to the main lodge, the fog was gently drifting down over the surrounding mountains. The chilly air crept underneath my layers to touch my neck, my wrists, my ankles. 

And the air tasted clean. As I was living in NYC at the time, this was a notable difference for me.

Hunter Mountain has three available stages — we did the Mid Mountain Tour, which is a series of lines that take you from platform to platform within the forest canopy.

After a brief training period regarding harnesses and the proper ways to “land” at the upcoming platforms without smacking into the trees in the process…we stepped off the first platform, one by one.

That first dip is truly a leap of faith — for a split second, you feel like you’re gonna fall, and then you’re off, the harness whizzing overhead as it guides you across the gap. I gazed at the river far below my dangling feet; the water kept its course, and was completely uninterested in the idiot human currently defying the laws of natural selection overhead.

I heartily recommend ziplining to those looking for an easier version of bungee jumping or sky diving. Hunter Mountain’s a great place to start. Maybe I’ll see you there — I’m planning on going back for their Summit Skyrider tour: how else am I gonna be able to zipline between two mountains and back again?

Thanks for reading,


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