11-Worth — Worth It

During a brief respite from the ever-constant, post-election panic I’ve been feeling for the past week, I made it up to Omaha, NE. And that meant that I finally made it to 11-Worth Cafe.


The cafe is older than I am; a good sign

Friends, family, and strangers alike had informed me that I MUST eat at 11-Worth. I’m a big breakfast food gal, so I was all for it when my father and stepmother suggested that we stop there on our way back to Lincoln.

‘Course, first we had to get into the dang place; the building was PACKED. It’s one of those joints where you awkwardly push past packs of people lined up along the walls, in the doorway, right in front of the hostess’ check-in counter…but once we made it, we secured a table for three and then headed back outside to wait. I sipped warm coffee from a styrofoam cup as I stood at the edge of the curb, squinting upwards into the harsh Sunday sunlight.

After being seated, our orders were quickly taken by a young waitress who did her job with a great sense of calm and ease — the same job that would turn me into a shaking ball of stress in a matter of moments. So many tables, so little time.


I took a bite of these hashbrowns and briefly saw God. Or I just blacked out for a second. In hindsight, it’s hard to say.

And so much food, so little time. Good GOD; the portion sizes were ridiculous. My incredulousness increased once I realized that the food was also 1.) delicious, and 2.) priced so cheaply that we were practically stealing it. Everything you see in that picture above, I ate. I ate all of it, and DAMNED be the consequences! (Turns out, there were no consequences, other than a lingering feeling in my stomach that made me feel like I was pre-gaming for Thanksgiving.)

So now I’m joining Omaha’s chorus by saying: if you’re in the area, go to 11-Worth. And get the hashbrowns. Or just order everything on the menu.

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