Denial, denial, denial with a helping of Arkansas on the side

I’m in denial about the snow falling outside my window right now. Here I am in my flannel shirt, sipping coffee while mourning the inevitable loss of the fall season. Never mind that it’s December 3rd — I can’t help feeling how I’m feeling!

As a bizarre coping mechanism, I’m now thinking about the trip I took to Fayetteville, AR, earlier this summer. No snow to be seen there! (Yet. I’ve heard that they’ve had frost, so I’m sure they’re on the brink of being buried in snowfall as well.)


Take me back to this lake!

This sounds foolish, but I always expect Arkansas to be hotter (weather-wise) than it actually is. I am remarkably ignorant when it comes to the southern states — I’ve been to Florida a few times and that’s it — so I rely on the stereotypes. That’s something I’ll have to correct soon, yeah? (If anyone has recommendations on, say, Charleston, SC, let me know!)

ANYWAY (again), the weather was so pleasant when I went hiking with my friends. We were all strolling around this remarkable forest in t-shirts and tank-tops. Those were the days.

October is truly the month for hiking. Colorful leaves and crisp air, sign me up!


I spy my friend Dan


I just looked up to see that the snow has increased its pace. I’m going to close my eyes and pretend that I’m here instead:

Stay warm, and thanks for reading,



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