Local Look: Ploughshare

I spent my Friday night at Ploughshare Brewing Co., a local brewing company located downtown at 16th and P streets. It’s easily one of my favorite bars in Lincoln, and absolutely the home of my favorite local beers.


Order up!

The ordering style is akin to an English pub, where you go right up to the bar to order food and drink. I got a double red IPA called “Red Zombie,” and then decided it needed a friend, so I doubled up with “Devil’s Rope,” a Belgian Tripel. Both were fabulous and they got me right where I needed to be on a Friday night (physically and mentally), thanks to the +9% ABV content. Delicious AND intoxicating — all that I ever want in a great beer.

The owner and workers know their beer. There are hour-long brewery tours every Friday and Saturday at 6 p.m. The owner (or one of the workers, depending on the day) will regale you with tales of Belgium, Germany, and more as you sip several beer samples from a Golden Tulip tasting glass (which you get to take home with you). It’s a great way to pre-game before your meal, because it is DAMN GOOD BEER.


As for the food, they lean toward traditional German fare that goes well with the beers, like bratwurst (my personal favorite — get the one with the jalapeños!) I haven’t had their soft pretzels yet, but they’re made in-house, and multiple sources have sung their praises. They’ve got vegetarian options, too, like The Robin — a delicious sandwich that brings together eggs, smoked gouda, and sauerkraut.

The atmosphere gives you a chance to enjoy what you’re eating and drinking, because Plougshare’s quieter than most Lincoln bars. You can actually hear each other talk, and there’s no need to shove to get to the bartenders (lookin’ at you, Iggys…) The building’s located a little farther away from the rest of the downtown drinking spots, but still near enough that it’s walking distance from most downtown locales.

The place used to be a bus garage before Ploughshare took it over in 2014. They took apart a 19th-century barn and repurposed the wood for the taproom’s interior, which resulted in a gorgeous space.


My view from the bar area.

If you’re in the area, give it a try. Or give me a call and I’ll join you for a beer and good conversation (that’s a much better idea than the first, come to think of it!)


Thanks for reading,


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