Happy New Year

Well, friends, we made it at last. 2017. Let the games begin!

I celebrated New Year’s Eve up in Omaha, NE with a few friends. I, the former New Yorker, was reminded that there are cool places to see EVERYWHERE; you just have to look for them.

In this case, the cool places were Laka Lono Rum Club and The Verdict Bar & Grill.

Laka Lono is a tiki bar located in Omaha’s Old Market (which, if you’re ever there on a weekend, is a great place to explore during the day — particularly for those who like to shop). True to its name, the bar features a variety of elaborate cocktails. Captain Jack Sparrow would love it here because, in this place, the rum is never gone.


The view from my table

I decided to begin my journey with Beach Please, since I’m well-acquainted with vodka and elderflower. The drink’s bright blue and delicious; a very sweet one. Then I appealed to the opposite end of my alcoholic spectrum with Boarding Party, which includes the following ingredients: French Brandy, Sloe Gin, Absinthe, Pinhead Gunpowder, Aquafaba. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Thanks to my friends, I also had sips of Who Do You Do and Head Games — both of which were excellent.

Music plays in the background here, but it’s understated to the point where you can sing along AND/OR have a conversation with friends. Excellent work, Laka Lono.

My group headed to Verdict next, which is a place I’d heard about before from numerous locals. It did not disappoint.


The view from the bar, with karaoke set up at the far end!

The bartenders here are phenomenally fun, and the environment’s that perfect combo of comforting and exciting.


“Yes, I would like an alcohol, please.”

Everyone received a glass of champagne to help ring in the new year. I decided to do my best TIE Fighter impression (I had just seen Rogue One that same day) right when the clock struck midnight, which made a friend nearly spill her
drink. …Mission accomplished.

Happy new year, and thanks for reading,


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