I’m Also a We

Yesterday, 15,000 people marched in my hometown in Lincoln, NE. I’ve never felt safer in a crowd.


Photo credit: Lynn Hill

As we walked along Lincoln’s Centennial Mall, many drivers weaved through us, honking encouragement. One woman pumped her fist out of her car window, grinning. We screamed hello. The air was thick with love and support.

Many of us also kept checking our phones, marveling at the ever-expanding list of cities on the NYTimes website. We were all part of a protest that was happening on a global scale. Together we marched, fueled by validation and hope and defiance against a shared opponent.

As Nomi says in Sense8, “I’m not just a me but I’m also a we. And we march with pride.”

At the foot of our state capitol building, we all linked arms and sang, “This Little Light of Mine.” Then Rev. Karla Cooper — one of the speakers at our march — shouted, “Now go and DO something!”

I’m ready to do something now. We are not a world divided. Together, we can protect it, and protect each other.

Four years. Let’s get to work.


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