All Aboard

The three of us had splurged for our first-class tickets, but I still felt like an imposter as we entered the train car. I’m a twenty-something on a budget, so first-class is a foreign concept.

I hoisted my bag into the space above my seat, wincing at the loud rustling noises it made. None of the other passengers looked up at me, engrossed in phones, iPads, and the rare newspaper.


Our train waiting for us at King’s Cross Station

The table between Mike and I was small; our knees bumped beneath it. Lauren, sitting across from us, had a four-person table all to herself. I fought the urge to throw a menu at her, because — wait. A menu? I had a menu?

Right. A menu. I was still looking at mine when the attendant came to take our orders. A scone, coffee, and hot chocolate for me. And a newspaper.

Trying to keep my enthusiasm in check, I turned to look out the window as the train gently began to move. There was no sudden lurch or squealing from the brakes — we were on a commuter train to Edinburgh, and that meant comfort.


The English countryside, north of London

Our food arrived as the view from the window began to blur. I had to figure out a way to tuck into my scone while simultaneously holding my newspaper aloft in a dignified manner.

Somehow I managed.


Photo credit: Mike Van Beek

The ride took a little less than 5 hours and was well worth it. A flight from London to Edinburgh takes an hour and ten minutes, but that’s not accounting for the time needed to get to the airport, and all the time waiting for your flight. If you’re able to rise early in London and catch a morning train, I’d recommend you go for it.


My first view of Edinburgh

Thanks for reading, and happy traveling,




We used Virgin Trains East Coast, departing from King’s Cross. Our route is below:

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.40.28 AM.png

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