Café du Monde

Café du Monde is classic, iconic, chaotic.  I guarantee that you’ll be covered in powdered sugar when you leave, looking like the last person standing after a giant pastry battle.


The line moves relatively quickly. Once our group reached the front of it, one waitress paused long enough to silently point us to our table. She and her coworkers all seemed perfectly calm as they zipped around the packed space; I was impressed.

The beignets were lovely, of course. I added an iced coffee to my order; a perfect drink on that hot day.

I should mention that I’ve been describing the original Café du Monde in the French Market, because New Orleans has a total of eight Café du Monde coffee stands! One stand is inside the outlet mall along the Riverwalk. It’s a quiet and clean place, completely contrasting with the French Market one.


I’d recommend visiting multiple locations if you can, just to make sure that the beignets taste the same at each spot. For science. You never know…

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