A Bayou, a Cemetery, and a City Full of Ghosts

Cajun Pride Swamp Tour

For this tour, a guide will pick you up at your hotel and whisk you off to the bayou in a bus.

Get ready to see lots of wildlife on this tour! The boat quietly drifts through the bayou, attracting the attention of nearby critters without scaring them away. Our guide, Captain Allen, actually threw marshmallows into the water for the alligators, raccoons, and birds to eat! “Because they’re marsh animals!” he said proudly. (Cringe.)

There’s an opportunity to hold a baby gator at the end of the tour, too. I loved that part; she was such a good girl!

St. Louis Cemetery #1 Tour

This tour begins at Gray Line’s ticket office at the Steamboat Natchez Dock. Then it’s just a short bus ride to St. Louis Cemetery #1.


The Gray Line “Lighthouse” Ticket Office is that building in the center

Access to this cemetery is restricted — unless you have a relative in there, only tour groups are allowed inside. I don’t blame NOLA for its caution; gravestone vandalism is no joke…especially since almost all of the gravestones are above ground. (There’s a small section for Protestants in the back, who are buried in the ground.)

This was a pleasant walking tour. Our guide mainly talked about the evolution of voodoo in NOLA, including an overview of Marie Laveau, the nature of gris-gris bags (which doubles as a souvenir for this tour), and how voodoo interacts with Catholicism.

5 in 1 Ghost and Mystery Tour

This tour’s departure point is near Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo Shop, right by Bourbon Street.


The tour’s starting point, between Pat O’Briens, Finnegan’s Easy, and the voodoo shop

The Haunted History Tour’s website says, “Our guides are what make the difference!” I completely agree. The tour’s so popular that our group was split up between three guides — we had a ton of fun with our gal, and I could tell that the other two groups were having a ball with their guides as well.

If you only have time for one tour in NOLA, pick this one. You’ll learn so much about ghosts, vampires, and witches! Spoooooky…


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“Life finds a way” at St. Louis Cemetery #1

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