Tulips and Cherry Blossoms

Spring is a perfect time to visit New York. Summer may bring unwanted smells, crowds, and general congestion, but Spring? Spring brings rain, growth, and quiet. Everything’s in bloom!

New Yorkers have a thing for tulips. I visited as many parks as I could this time around (more on that later), and I saw these flowers at every single one.

Today’s focus is on the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Since I wasn’t able to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year, I chose to go the day afterwards. Surprisingly, Brooklyn Botanical was letting people in for free that day! (The usual price is $15 for adults.)

After entering the garden, I immediately cut right, toward Cherry Esplanade.


Cherry Esplanade (panorama view)

I walked through Cranford Rose Garden, heading for Osborne Garden. I couldn’t hear any traffic noise, even though the northern edge of the garden borders two major streets. The greenery acts as a perfect sound buffer.

Osborne Garden was a riot of colors. Tourists had all flocked to this corner of the park, eager to take pictures with the blooms. Myself included.

I ended up walking all over the garden, from the northern tip down to the southern entrance/exit.

Happy Spring, and thanks for reading,


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