It’s Quiet Uptown

Want to get out of Manhattan without actually LEAVING Manhattan…and pay your respects to Alexander Hamilton at the same time? I’ve got you covered.

The Hamilton Grange National Memorial is in Harlem, just a short walk away from the 145th stop. (Take the 1, A/C, or B/D lines.) Like at the Cloisters, the area is quiet. Especially if you go in the morning.


Hamilton’s house at St. Nicholas Park

Hamilton’s actual house was moved from its original location (a couple of blocks away) to St. Nicholas Park, but it’s still within the area Hamilton owned in the early 1800s.


St. Nicholas Park

Admission to the museum (located inside the Grange) is free. If you want to tour the period rooms upstairs, though, you have to sign up for a guided tour. I’d recommend signing up ahead of time because the morning tour was full when I got there and I had to wait an hour before I could join a group.

That hour gave me more than enough time to explore the ground floor of the museum. It’s a small space, but fascinating.

After that, I made my way up the small, creaking staircase that led to the period rooms.

According to the tour guide, all of the furniture in the parlor is either 1) the Hamiltons’ actual furniture, or 2) a faithful recreation. And that is indeed Hamilton’s desk in that third photo!

After leaving the Grange, I thought, “Well, I’m in the neighborhood…” That meant I could take the subway up to 163 St. and visit the Morris–Jumel Mansion, too.*


The Morris–Jumel Mansion

This mansion is the oldest house in Manhattan. General George Washington once used this place as his temporary headquarters. Aaron Burr married Eliza Jumel here. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were both dinner guests here.

It’s located in Roger Morris Park, up on the hill. As I stood there, I could only hear the wind and the occasional bird chirp. Definitely a nice place for a moment of reflection.

“It’s quiet uptown…”


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*A note: unlike the Grange, this museum has a $10 admission.

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