Reykjavík – Drinks for the Thirsty

Thirsty? Reykjavík has got you covered.



Coffeeshop, bar, restaurant, nightclub: Prikid. We were told that Icelandic hip hop was born here.


We actually visited Koffin multiple times. The bartenders were all very friendly and they served good drinks. Koffin’s also located in a nice spot, right where Laugavegur (major shopping street) turns into Bankastræti (another street).

The Drunk Rabbit

I always have to hit up an Irish pub when I’m traveling somewhere. There were, of course, drinks for the thirsty. (I also ordered the fish & chips and, honestly? I’ll be dreaming about those fish & chips for a good long while.)


Bryggjan Brugghús

A brewery. We came in here at a weird hour (3 pm), which is why it looks so empty. This one’s down at the harbor — you can see the boats from the windows.

Sæta Svínið Gastropub

Clearly this is the place to try out a flight of Icelandic beers. It’s also where I had a shot of Brennivín (Iceland’s national drink, essentially).


Walking all over Reykjavík can really work up a person’s appetite, too. Stay tuned.


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