Golden Circle, Pt. 1

The Golden Circle is a great route if you only have a day to explore Iceland properly. It covers three of Iceland’s most stunning sights: Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area, and Gullfoss.

It’s easy to navigate, too; if you type those three locations into Google, you get a triangular route that uses major roads the whole time. (There are also guided tours available for the Golden Circle, but we opted to go it alone so we wouldn’t feel rushed.)

When we pulled up to Þingvellir’s main entrance, it was already drizzling, with heavy cloud cover. Nice and chilly. I was in heaven.

Thanks to the region’s geology, the park’s entrance is marked by two towering walls of rock.

The rock wall to the left just keeps going and going and going…while the wall on the right eventually breaks up a bit, revealing the rest of the valley.


Nerd that I am, I kept thinking of Skyrim — doesn’t this look like the area around Whiterun?

As we were short on time, we didn’t hike down into the valley. Instead we kept making our way along the path.

And then, finally, we came across a trail that led upward, through an opening in the rock wall. The sound of roaring water got louder and louder as we made our way around the corner.


Oh, hello there

With only four other people sharing the area with us, it was easy to quietly take in the sight.

Thanks for the great morning, Þingvellir.

And thank you for reading,




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