The Independence Hall of Korea

Cheonan is home to a Korean history museum called the Independence Hall of Korea. It’s the largest exhibition facility in South Korea, with seven exhibition halls. Several impressive monuments are scattered about the outdoor areas, too.

During Chuseok, some friends and I spent an entire day there. We took a bus to get there, so our journey began near the parking lot. It didn’t take long for us to see where we needed to go first; the Monument to the Nation is pretty hard to miss.

Next up was the Grand Hall of the Nation, located at the end of the main pathway.

Being American, I felt some major Lincoln Memorial vibes as I entered the space. A wise friend of mine also pointed out that this statue shared some characteristics with the one we saw in New Orleans earlier this year (called the Monument to the Immigrants):

These comparisons aside, the Grand Hall of the Nation is an impressive building in its own right. And undoubtedly Korean.

The seven exhibition halls are located just behind the Grand Hall of the Nation. Their focus is on the independence movements during the Japanese Colonial period.

…Needless to say, it was all impressive. And informative. As all good museums tend to be.


A large display in one of the exhibitions

After walking through the exhibitions for (literally) hours, we finished up the day by heading back outside to check out the Patriots Memorial and the Reunification Monument. Both areas involved walking up SO MANY STAIRS, but the climb turned out to be completely worth the endeavor.

It was a great day. If you ever find yourself in South Korea, I highly recommend visiting this place.

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