The Blue Lagoon

Ted and I went to the Blue Lagoon while we were in Iceland. I can’t believe that I forgot to mention that experience — might as well fix that right now, right?

To get there, we used our little rental car. The drive took about an hour, but neither of us minded. That just meant another hour of staring out the window and marveling at everything we could see.

There’s something really beautiful about Iceland’s stark landscapes. Looking back at these pictures, I’m reminded that Iceland lacks trees, for the most part. Normally I’d hate that…because I love trees (have I mentioned that lately?). Yet, I’ve gotta admit, it’s cool how far you can see when there aren’t any trees in the way.

Conversely, Blue Lagoon has a sly design that hides most of what it offers. Some of the water can be seen from the road, but the main attraction is hidden by piles of black volcanic rock. More rocks keep you from seeing anything from the parking lot.


The path leading to the main entrance

After following the main path for a short while, though, you can look to your left and catch a glimpse of what’s to come.

I did not take any pictures inside of the Blue Lagoon (as I have yet to splurge for something that could protect my phone/camera from water damage), so here’s that glimpse:


Pretty cool, huh? Here’s the reason why the water is that milky blue color (and so delightfully warm).

After checking in, throwing my stuff into a private locker, and changing into my swimsuit, I headed outside. The transition from the chilly Icelandic air to the geothermal waters was a heavenly thing to experience.

Once you’re in the water, you’re all set for comfort. There’s a bar outside that serves people directly in the lagoon. Another stall offers free mud masks. We ended up staying for several hours, just relaxing in the warm water.

IN SUMMARY: if you have the opportunity, go check out the Blue Lagoon. It’s worth it.


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Again, I’d highly recommend going to see the Blue Lagoon. It’s not overrated.

We went in May and it wasn’t crowded. (To put it another way: many people were there, but I didn’t bump elbows with anybody. There was plenty of room to move around.)

We drove there, but if you’re not gonna rent a car while you’re in Iceland, there’s also an airport shuttle that can take you there before/after your flight.

Don’t forget to book in advance! It’s required. (Get a booking that includes a free towel.)






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