Sushi Night

My coworkers and I went out for sushi the other night. Some time has passed since then, but I’m still daydreaming about what I ate that evening.

I hadn’t gotten sushi in Korea yet, so I had no idea what to expect. In hindsight, I should’ve avoided eating earlier that day in preparation for what was to come. We ate a LOT of fish!

All of the sushi was prepared right in front of us. It took a bit of time for the first course to arrive, but that was no bother because there were plenty of side dishes to deal with first! Udon noodle soup, miso soup, a salad, smaller seafood dishes (with huge helpings of ginger), steamed eggs…and, of course, tea, soju, and water to wash it all down.

By the time we had made it through all of that food (plus the actual three rounds of sushi) I was extremely stuffed. It felt like Thanksgiving had come early.

That’s when my coworker said, “round two!!” The rest of the group took up the chant as she led us out of the restaurant: “round two, round two, round two!”

Already? After all of that food? Now this I had to see.

Grinning, I stood up and followed them outside.


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