Sushi Night (Part Two)

For round two, we left the sushi place and ended up at a different seafood spot about four blocks away. We walked past a huge, blue tank that was full of shrimp before taking our seats.

Those shrimp were delicious.

In Korea, food and alcohol are tightly linked. This means that a planned night of drinking has the additional requirement of eating until you practically explode. No joke — after I woke up the next day, I didn’t eat anything until 4 pm in the afternoon because I was still so full from the night before!

I blame rounds two and three for my unexpected fast. Round two was the shrimp, followed by the shrimp heads, plus all of the standard Korean appetizers (kimchi, eggs, various vegetables, etc.)

For round three, we headed to another restaurant, where we had (you guessed it) more beer and more food. My coworkers bought a ton of candy that we shared for dessert, too.

I did struggle with the beondegi, however. …It’s silkworm pupae. They eat silkworm pupae.

Beondegi is often served as a street snack here — I’ve seen the vendors all over the place. I know it’s popular, and I’ll try anything once.

A friend of mine really likes beondegi because he says it tastes like the smell of old books. (Which I guess is a good thing?) Personally, I think it tastes like the smell of old carpet. It even has the consistency of carpet.

(But don’t let my feedback stop you from trying it if you find yourself in Korea! A lot of people like it.)

Even though I wasn’t into the silkworm larvae, there was still plenty of other good things for me to eat. Which I did.

Happy eating, and thanks for reading,


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