Comes in Threes

Now that I’ve been in South Korea for a few months, I’ve started to compare my time here with my time in New York. Undoubtedly, there are some MAJOR differences between the USA and South Korea.

Three things I miss:

Fitted sheets!

Korean beds don’t come with fitted sheets. As far as I can tell, you can’t buy fitted sheets at a store around here, either. I don’t know why that is. I slip and slide each night as I try to get comfy in my bed. I never realized what a difference a fitted sheet makes!

Cars without tinted windows!

I have seen exactly one car in Korea that didn’t have tinted windows. I like the idea of tinted windows because of the privacy aspect. (No one can see you jammin’ out to the radio if they can’t look inside your car!) When you’re a pedestrian trying to cross the street without dying, however…then tinted windows are problematic. I can’t make eye contact with drivers! How am I supposed to know when they’re gonna coast through the intersection to turn right? When should I stop walking? Do you go first? Do I go first?? HELP.


I miss cereal. I don’t really have a breakfast food here. I haven’t gotten used to the idea of eating a lunchtime food (rice, noodles, meat, etc.) for breakfast. I’ve met Koreans that do actually eat cereal in the morning, but I don’t know where they buy it because cereal here is EXPENSIVE. It’s like New York all over again! Why is cereal taking up half of my grocery budget??

Three things I don’t miss:

My NYC landlord!

I had a developing mildew problem on one of my apartment walls. I told my Korean landlord about it. Two days later, he came into my apartment and fixed it that very day. The wall is clean and I’m no longer breathing in spores a la The Last of Us.

Ya know what my NYC landlord did when I had a electrical wiring problem? He texted me to say that he’d, “come take a look soon.” Then he waited about 2,087 hours before showing up…just to tell me that he couldn’t repair it because it was my fault. Literal quotation from him: “The light keeps burning out because you don’t turn on the fan when you cook.” My response: “A wiring problem doesn’t have anything to do with the humidity. Anyway, the fan’s broken too. I told you about that three weeks ago.”

Driving a car!

I’m a NYC girl in several ways, including the fact that I hate driving. I prefer public transportation. Unlike NYC, the public transportation in Korea is top-notch, clean, and affordable. I walk or take the bus/subway everywhere now. It’s an utter delight.


My work schedule begins around 1 pm and ends close to 10 pm. That means that I don’t have to be awake at god-awful 6 am. I get up a little before 9 am and still have time to relax and get some stuff done before work. I relish my morning time now…because it’s MY morning time.

Thanks for reading,


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