Gakweonsa Temple

A couple of weeks ago, back when there were still leaves on the trees, I went to Gakweonsa Temple.

It’s in eastern Cheonan (in Anseo-dong) near the last stop for the 14 and 81 buses. I took the 81 that late morning, expecting to get dropped off right at the bottom of the temple steps.

The actual drop off point was…underwhelming. (It was a parking lot.) Still, I appreciated the short walk (about 15 min) up the road. It gave me time to take in the stillness of the morning.

My phone still wasn’t working at this point and I didn’t bring a map, so I was guessing on the direction to go. I only knew I was on the right track once I came up alongside the lake.

After the lake, I found the steps. I walked up alone, the dry leaves crunching under my feet with each step I took.

This was the view at the top:


After staring at this for a while, I kept going. I definitely knew what direction to go at that point; it was impossible to miss the GIANT buddha statue at the opposite end of the plaza.

Some people were taking a moment to pray; others were strolling around and talking; and still others, like me, just stood and looked for a while.


After the statue, I headed down into the valley to see those buildings up close.

It felt good to simply wander around and take in all of the beautiful levels of detail on these buildings.

I finally left two hours later, completely recharged from the solitude and beauty I had experienced here. I was ready to face my work week again.

Thanks for reading,


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