Dongdaemun Design Plaza

I had forgotten how fun it is to explore a new city. Luckily, Seoul, only an hour away from where I live, was there to remind me.


Another day, another bus ride

My first stop was Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I hadn’t looked up information about it prior to going there, so I had no idea what to expect…which is why I whispered, “holy shit,” the moment after I had stepped out into this area:


Soon I was walking up this smooth, white pathway that wound up through the center of one of the buildings. (I later learned that this area is literally called the Design Pathway.) It was a bustling area, thanks to the urban design exhibition and the many people that came to see it.

Needless to say, it was a sleek, interesting exhibition. I stayed for quite a while, just looking at all of the miniature displays.

The gift shops were fun to explore as well. I spent an almost alarming amount of time looking at the hats (pictured below), silently thinking, “who would wear these?” (Apparently there is a market for them? Ah, Korea…)

Once I was back outside, I was delighted to find the huge “garden” of LED roses. Actually, it was even better than that because, thanks to the layout of the area, I actually only saw a cluster of them at first and thought, “oh, that’s neat.” Then I rounded the corner, only to find SO MANY MORE ROSES. (Cue the double-take on my end.)

(They light up at night, too, by the way. I’m determined to come back and see them at that time of day. Soon.)

After hours of walking, my stomach politely reminded me that I hadn’t eaten much that morning. I mentally waved goodbye to the plaza as I headed south toward the river (and hopefully, food vendors).

Thanks for reading.


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