Namsan Seoul Tower

I decided to take the cable car to Namsan Seoul Tower so that I could get the full ~experience~ my first time around.

Of course, this meant that I stood in line for well over an hour because I was a foolish woman who did not plan ahead. I hadn’t gotten a ticket beforehand AND I showed up at one of the most popular times for the cable car. (Nighttime. Gotta love those city lights, right?)

The line was pretty chill, yet it was still a looooooong line. I stared at the same two advertisements (pictured below) for an hour. I am not joking.


At least they were friendly looking men. And there’s a convenience store set up on one of the upper floors for people (like me) who didn’t pack snacks for the wait. Well done again, Korea. Well done indeed.

Anyway, eventually I made it to the front of the line. We were ushered inside the cable car and packed in like sardines, but no one complained. The mutual feeling of anticipation was practically palatable at that point.


The car ride was smooth. Tree branches rustled as we passed between them. Everyone kept giggling, softly gasping in awe, or talking in hushed tones as we coasted up toward our goal.

Then, at last, the cable car stopped and we got out. After walking up some stairs, we had made it to the base of the tower.


I immediately headed to the right, assuming that I just needed to go toward the lights in order to find the best viewing spots.

A short while later, I found my spot.


I’m very glad I went up there at night. The view of the city was spectacular, of course, and there was more to see around the tower itself, too. Everything was lit up beautifully, including the love locks that covered most of the railings. In one area, they also had tree-like sculptures with even more love locks attached to them.


In the end, I decided not to pay extra to go up into the tower because I was content with the view I got from the tower’s base. Maybe I’ll do that next time.

And there will be a “next time.” After all, I tried the cable car at night, but I still haven’t experienced the hike up Namsan Mountain during the day. Just another item on my vacationing to-do list…


Thanks for reading,


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