I’m Emme: a Nebraskan English major with a serious case of ecdemomania! I’ve worked for a variety of industries so far (including film, publishing, healthcare, theatre, journalism, and horticulture), but I always come crawling back to the intersection of travel and writing. I derive a lot of joy out of exploring a new place, and then turning that experience into a story worth reading. If I can write something that inspires one person to go out on a journey of their own, then I’ve done my job.

I post once a week, typically on Saturdays.

For those curious, here’s some things that I’ve done so far:

Zip-lining in New York’s Catskills.

Gallivanting across Ireland, England, and Scotland.

Visiting cathedrals and museums in Paris.

Eating lobster (SO much lobster) in Portland, Maine.

Wandering all over Italy (or, in Venice’s case, traveling by boat).

Hiking, skiing, and white water rafting in Colorado.

Driving around much of America’s Pacific Northwest.

Feel free to drop me a line or ask any questions in the comments! I love hearing from other travelers — all aboard the globalization train!

And feel free to come find me on Twitter, @emmegrafton.

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